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Fusiononone offer their students improved dance co-ordination, fitness and self confidence, promoting health and well being all while having fun! Our mission is to develop a strong team of children and adults in a positive and safe learning environment, expressing the highest forms of passion and professionalism in helping you/your child reach their goals.

All students have the opportunity to learn dance as a hobby, fitness or take it very seriously in training to be a professional dancer.

We believe dance offers so many benefits to everyone at any age. Exposure to this creative art form is healthy, creates discipline and in some cases it can literally transform.

We are committed to excellence and continue to provide the best performing arts journey full of fun and success.

Fusionone began in May 2004 by Carly Del Mastro operating one beginner adult dance class for one hour a week in a local hall in Craigieburn.
In April 2005 while working as a professional dancer Carly decided to commence an additional adult dance class in Sunbury.

In January 2007 due to an increasing demand for extra dance classes Carly introduced children classes at Fusionone, Sunbury.

In January 2009 Carly introduced children classes to Craigieburn. To date Fusionone runs classes for both children and adults in Sunbury and in Craigieburn. She continues to grow every year offering more opportunity to all students. Fusionone is addictive and what is promised from start up, we still promise now. Her aim is to have students leaving every week with a feeling of self achievement and confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives.


  • Fitness
  • You feel good
  • your perform well
  • You are psychologically lifted in mind body and spirit
  • Greater endurance
  • Higher self esteem
  • Reduced systoms of stress
  • Develops a positive self image
  • Friendship in a stimulating environment
  • Fun
  • Healthy Competition
  • Sense of accomplishment
  • Personal Growth
  • Learning not to quit

We promote self discipline, confidence and self esteem.

We creatively challenge adults and children and strive to get the best from every student.

We instill the importance of punctulity, reliability and responsibility.

We have a fun, creative, positive, educational and safe learning environment for all while broadening the individuals social environment.

We have only professional and qualified staff that are constantly growing and improving.

We are fun, fresh and funky.

Fusionone offer a number of different styles of dance, most set to music that we know the class will enjoy. Our jazz/funk classs appear to be the most popular with both children and adults as our moves are similar to what you see in the video clips of today. We ensure our kindy classes have their favourite tunes playing to get them active.

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