Maybe you have never danced before and it’s your first time, in which case I will say GO YOU! It’s daunting trying something new, especially as adults we get stuck in our comfort zones and it often takes some real heavy motivational self-talk to get you started. Maybe you have danced before, but not since you were a kid? You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly that inner child dancer surfaces. Or maybe you are an adult dancer wanting to freshen up your technique, improve your fitness and learn some more dance moves? Whatever your dance history, if you are reading this I assume you are thinking about it! Come and join a group of like-minded ladies in it for similar if not the same reasons! So, what is your reason?


I’ve been teaching adults dance for 20 years and it’s my passion as much as teaching kids is! When I first started this dance school in 2003 my very first dance class was an adult dance class. I have a strong passion in empowering women and watching them grow and become their personal best. To compliment this passion I am currently studying to become a Women’s Circle Facilitator. You may ask what that is, ask me in class!!! I expect everyone who is participating in my class to be respectful and to support and encourage those around them. With that, I can guarantee loads of fun each week. I want this to be your safe sanctuary where you look forward to attending and working towards your goals each week. Where you can build your confidence level and express yourself to the best of your ability through dance. I will commit to your goals, show up and I will do everything I can to assist you in achieving them and making you feel good! As far as performing goes, if you want to perform, AWESOME. If you don’t want to perform, I will respect your decision. You are not obliged to perform. In some cases, you start off not wanting to perform then you get this newfound confidence, and dada aa your up on stage loving life! Don’t short sell yourself if this is something you want to do!

Simply click ENROL NOW and come along to a trial class. I can’t wait to create some dancing magic with you!

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