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Cabaret Information

CABARET THEME                    80’s 

CABARET DATE                       Sunday 30thJune 2019.

CABARET REHEARSAL            Monday 24thJune 2019, 4:30-8:30pm. 

For the cabaret rehearsal, please attend in Fusionone dance attire and ensure your child has plenty of water and dinner packed with them. No students will be allowed to leave the building. The cabaret was designed to break up the year and for the students to have an extra performance opportunity. It really motivates our students and is a fantastic family night. 

Venue:                                    Melrose Reception, Cnr Melrose & Carrick Drive


Student Call time:                  2:30pm

Show Time:                            4:00-8:30pm

Ticket Cost:                            $70.00 Adults, $40.00 Children/Students Under 12. 

This will include entre, main, dessert, fruit platter, beer, wine, soft drink, tea & coffee.

Please make us aware of any allergies or dietary requirements at tickets sales.

Fusionone Children & Adults performing in the show will receive….Assorted sandwiches, chips, soft drink, fruit platter & dessert. The entre & the main & dessert will be served at your families table. It is important -that you include your child when buying tickets so we can save them a chair on your table.


We perform one routine per class. If your child is in 2 classes EG: Jazz and Musical Theatre, they will perform in 2 routines at the cabaret. The cost for a cabaret costume is $50.00. You will be invoiced for this costume price prior to cabaret.

CABARET TICKET SALE DATE Tuesday 12thJune 2018 4:30-6:30pm. Venue to be advised. Please organise a table of 10-12 people. 


Please attend the cabaret with full make up and hair done. Please apply the make up & hair the same as the concert unless otherwise advised.

BASIC MOVEMENT PARENTS As your child will be one of the first routines performing for the evening, you may take them with you to your table after they finish performing, however you must be backstage with them at the commencement of the show and you will still require a ticket. 


Photo Day is organised to capture your dancing memories. Each student has a solo photo in their costumes, followed by a troupe photo. Photo day is COMPULSORY.

All hair and make up must be done as if you are performing at the concert. Correct footwear and stockings must be worn. Each student is to arrive in their fusion one uniform and a list will be distributed with an order of the costumes you are required to put on. A schedule will be handed out and each class will have their own scheduled time to attend. All parents must stay and dress their child. No food or drink is permitted in the change room (only water).

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