Amelia Ballet close up


Photo Day is organised to capture your dancing memories. Each student has a solo photo in their costumes, followed by a group photo. Photo day is compulsory.

All hair and make up must be done for photo day. Correct footwear and stockings must be worn. Each student is to arrive in their fusion one uniform and a list will be distributed with an order of the costumes you are required to put on. A schedule will be handed out and each class will have their own scheduled time to attend.

All parents must stay and dress their child. No food or drink is permitted in the change room (only water).

PLEASE NOTE :- Do not push your child into a level not appropriate for their dance ability. Consider your child’s age, ability, attitude and maturity. Being one of the oldest in the class is in some cases better than being the youngest and struggling with challenging choreography. Please contact us if you are unsure of your child’s level and we will assist you with what is best for your child. Each year we re-assess children and their suitability for each class they attend.



THIS is a place of dancing For those who choose or cannot help But put their body and heart and mind to the test

Remember it is your own test Do with it what you will Take it to the world Or keep it here, just for yourself

Know that to dance alone is enough The rest are choices

We are all connected here Young and old, advanced or beginner In all dance’s various styles and faces

Connected by a common thread To the interior of ourselves Via the vehicle of the physical Connecting with our world more deeply By connecting more deeply with ourselves

Respect the dance, Respect its dancers, Respect yourself

We have made our own world Driven by movement and music,

Strength and love Create what you will………….

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