Make Up and Hair

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For photo day & concert day you will be required to apply the make up yourself. Please pack a make up bag with your child as we cannot share make up and we will require it for touch ups. You will need to use the following make up products:

Brown & White Eye Shadow

Black Eyeliner

Waterproof mascara (Adults and Teens must wear fake eyelashes)

Red Lipstick

Pink Blush


Hair needs to be slicked in a high ponytail (no fly aways) with lots of gel and hairspray with wigglet attached (if required).


Boys are not required to wear make up. Hair must be neatly groomed with gel and hair spray.


BASIC MOVEMENT                         Half up half down with curls.

KINDY                                            High ponytail with curly wigglet attached or do your own curls.

SUB JUNIOR, JUNIOR, TEENS        Hair needs to be slicked in a high straightened ponytail (no fly aways) with lots of gel. 

ADULTS                                           As discussed with teacher.

ACROBATICS                                  Low bun, use donut.

BALLET                                            High bun, use donut.

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