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It is important that all students wear the correct uniform to allow our teachers to correct dance technique and body alignment.

It is compolsory for all children to wear to class the fusionone t-shirt, with the choice of:

* Black or Pink fitted leggings

* Black Jazz pants, 3/4 pants are acceptable

* Black or Pink short shorts or hot pants

* Tights with Pink or Black leotard over the top

* Basic Movement and Kindy students may wear a fairy skirt 

* All ballet students are required to wear a leotard (Pink or black) and fitted tights or leggings


* Fusionone T-shirt

* Tracksuit pants or shorts

* Runners or skater shoes (must have grip)

* Caps can be worn


Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and do not restrict movement. Sport pants, tracksuit pants, leggings are some examples. You can wear runners, sneakers or dance sneakers. A fusionone T-shirt is required if you are performing in the concert.

Particularly in summer you will require a hand towel and always bring with you a bottle of water.

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